Dr. Petra grew up in Austria surrounded by horses. She started riding at age 4 when her father bought her a very opinionated Shetland pony mare named Sheriff. Despite initial challenges with Sheriff, a deep bond developed between the pair. Sheriff became Dr. Petra’s first teacher as she developed a passion for riding that evolved into a passion for working with horses. The journey that started with Sheriff continues to this day.

After seven years as an equine sports massage therapist, Dr. Petra shifted her focus to animal chiropractic once she observed the power of an adjustment and how quickly horses responded to it.  Petra received her Animal Chiropractic Certification through Options for Animals in Wellsville, Kansas in 2008 and is certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association

Animal Chiropractic has given Dr. Petra the opportunity to use her extensive chiropractic knowledge while working with her passion. Her work has taken her to beautiful locations, meeting exceptional horsemen and horsewomen. Dr. Petra has had the honor to frequently work on Mark Rashid’s & Crissi McDonald’s horses.

She currently resides in Mancos, Colorado, and owns Mancos Chiropractic where she and Dr. Jay Komarek see hundreds of human and animal patients. Besides adjusting horses, running Mancos Chiropractic, playing with her own five horses (and an assortment of other critters), Dr. Petra loves to teach. She has started Advanced Animal CE where certified animal chiropractors and veterinarians can gain additional knowledge and continual education credits in the field of animal chiropractic. These seminars are taught by Dr. Petra, her husband Dr. Clayton Sullwod, DC., Dr. Jay Komarek, DC., and many other chiropractic and medical professionals.

Dr. Petra continually advances her own knowledge by studying under some of the greatest names in the world of horse health:
Equine Biomechanics with Barb Crabbe, DVM
Equine Nutritional Management with Dr. Robert E. Bray
Advanced Saddle Fitting with Dr. Kerry J. Ridgeway, DVM and Master Saddler A.J. Foster
Equitation Clinics with Major Miguel Tavora, Master of Equitation and protégé of Nuno Oliviera & Mark Rashid

Dr. Petra looks forward to meeting you and your horse!